Short-term Assignments
  The following list is a selection of overseas short-term assignments carried out during recent years:

Community road maintenance training - Guyana (February and June 2012)
Training needs assessment, development of training programme and course material and conduct of short courses for local government staff and local contractors.
Expanded Public Works Programme - South Africa (August - September 2011)
Study on enhancing the labour intensity in the road works programme of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in South Africa. Assignment consisted of analysing current practice and draw up recommendations on how to increase the use of labour-intensive works methods in order to reach current programme targets.
Review of ILO support to Roads 2000 - Kenya (June 2011)
Mid-term evaluation of the ILO technical assistance to the Roads 2000 programme in Kenya.
Small Contractor Study - Cambodia (October - December 2010)
Study on collusion and other corrupt practices in the infrastructure works programme of the Commune Sangkat Fund. Study included interviews with local construction firms in four provinces and also an estimated cost of such irregular practices to the programme.
Appraisal of PMGSY Rural Roads Project - India (November 2010)
Participation in the preparation and appraisal of a US$ 1.5 billion WB loan support project to the Prime Minister's Rural Road Programme with particular emphasis on the technical assistance component and rural road maintenance.
Design of a Rural Road Works Project - Timor-Leste (May 2008)
Preparation of a project document for a rural road works project and negotiating funding with bilateral donors. Project consisted of 300 km or rural road construction and 1500 km maintenance carried out by local construction firms at a total cost of US$ 8.5 million.
Appraisal of a Rural Road Works Project - Myanmar (May 2003)
Preparation of a project outline for a rural road works project to demonstrate the viability of labour-based works technology, and appraising the feasibility of applying this technology to upgrade feeder roads in Myeik Province in Southern Myanmar.
Domestic Private Sector Involvement in Road Maintenance - Vietnam (October 2002) Fact finding mission to explore the current capacity of the domestic private construction industry to carry out maintenance of national roads, as part of the preparations for the World Bank financed Road Network Improvement Project.
Feasibility study - Laos (February 2002)
Appraising the feasibility of applying labour-based work methods for the rehabilitation of provincial roads in the ADB financed Smallholder Development Project.
Mid-term review - Nepal (May 2001)
Participation in the mid-term review of the World Bank financed Rural Infrastructure Project, and exploring possible fields of technical assistance for rural infrastructure works to be provided by the ILO.
Evaluation of training materials - Philippines (December 2000)
Review of training courses provided by the Labour-based Training Unit of the Department of Public Works and Highways, with a particular emphasis on the quality of existing training materials set in relation to ongoing and future programmes in which the government intends to apply labour-based works technology.
Evaluation of the Community Accessibility Programme of the Road Sector Investment Programme - Zambia (August 2000). Together with a team of local consultants, carried out the mid-term evaluation of this component of RoadSIP, assessing progress and results of the community-based infrastructure improvement works and the promotion of intermediate means of transport.
Programme Formulation Mission - Zambia (July 2000). Design of a five-year rural road rehabilitation and maintenance programme in three districts in western Zambia, funded by the Danish Government. The assignment included formulation of institutional arrangements, work methods, training and technical assistance requirements.
Developing Small-scale Contractors - Malawi (March 2000 - May 2000) Design of a contract management system for rural road rehabilitation and maintenance, and preparation of related training programme for petty and small-scale contractors using labour-based road works technology for CARE International.
Contracts Management - Cambodia (January 1998 - October 1999) Development of appropriate contract documents and management procedures for a US$ 30 million rural infrastructure improvement project funded by the Asian Development Bank. The assignment also included the development and implementation of an appropriate contracts management system allowing for the involvement of domestic small-scale contractors, applying labour-based works methods in rural infrastructure works.
Training Mission Vietnam (December 1997).
   Training needs assessment, design of training programme, preparation of training materials and conduct of training for labour-based rural infrastructure works.
Project Formulation - Malawi (October 1997).
  Detailed formulation of a WFP financed  five year Food for Work Programme including institutional aspects, work organisation, labour issues, equipment, work programme and budgets.
Preparation of Training Materials - Laos (September 1997).  Development of course curricula and training materials in labour-based road works technology for the National Polytechnic Institute and the School of Communication and Transport in Laos.
Technical and Management Manuals - Laos (May - August 1997). Preparation of technical and administrative manuals for labour-based rural road construction works in Laos for the ILO.

  Evaluation of the Minor Roads Programme in Kenya (June 1997). Participated in a three member mission to carry out the final evaluation of the Danida funded component of the MRP.
Formulation of a Strategy Document for Labour-based Road Works in Laos (November-December 1996).  Preparation of a strategy document on the use labour-based road works technology for the improvement and maintenance of the rural road network in Laos.
Programme Formulation Mission to Laos (May-September 1996). Design of a three year rural roads rehabilitation and maintenance programme in three provinces in Laos, funded by the Swedish Government. The assignment included formulation of technical specifications, work methods, appropriate equipment, institutional framework, training and technical assistance requirements. 
Technical Proposal in Cambodia (June 1996). Participated in the preparation of a technical proposal for a rural infrastructure improvement programme in South-east Cambodia to be financed by the Asian Development Bank.
Technical Support Mission to China (March 1996). Providing technical support to UNDP Project CPR/92/162 Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development in Yunnan Province from the perspective of labour-based public works.
Project Formulation Mission to Cambodia (February 1996). Negotiating project agreements between UNCDF, UNOPS, UNDP, ILO and the Government for a new phase of the ILO executed labour-based rural infrastructure works programme.
  Project Formulation Mission to Cambodia (October 1995). Design of a UNCDF funded rural roads rehabilitation and maintenance programme involving local small-scale contractors in Northwest Cambodia. Assignment included formulation of technical specifications, choice of equipment, institutional framework, training programmes and demand for technical assistance.
Technical Training in Laos (September 1995). Conducting technical training courses for local engineers and technicians in labour-based road works technology. Assignment also included design and preparation of course programmes, development of training materials, post-course evaluation and finally recommendations for future training. 
Project Formulation Mission to Cambodia (August 1995).
Design of future UNDP financed ILO technical assistance to the Labour-based Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Programme. Assignment included preparation of a project document for ILO advisory support on policy matters related to labour-based technology, and a project outline for a UNCDF financed rural road rehabilitation project involving domestic small-scale contractors.
Technical Adviser for Labour-based Road Construction and Maintenance Works Programmes in Southern Africa
(April to June 1995). Carrying out technical and managerial advisory missions to labour-based road works programmes in Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe on behalf of the ILO regional advisory programme ASIST.
  Technical Back-stopping Mission to Solomon Islands March 1995) providing technical and managerial advisory support to the labour-based feeder road construction programme on behalf of the ILO Regional Office in Bangkok.
Technical Training Consultancy in Laos (February 1995). A one-man mission providing on-site technical and management training to engineers and technicians executing feeder road works, assessing future training demands and designing a training package for the Labour-based Rural Roads Construction and Maintenance Programme in the country.
Evaluation of the Labour-based/Light Equipment Supported Rural Infrastructure Programme in Nigeria (November 1994). ILO consultant in a three-member mission team carrying out a final review of the ILO/UNDP labour-based public works programme in Nigeria.
Regional Adviser for Labour-based Road Construction and Maintenance Programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa (Nairobi, June to September 1994). Deputising for the Regional Adviser of the ILO Advisory Support, Training and Information Services Programme, ASIST. Duties involved technical advisory missions to labour-based road works programmes in Namibia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, and general back-stopping services to projects in this region.
Refresher Courses for Engineers and Technicians (Cambodia, May 1994). Carried out two one-week refresher courses in labour-based technology for road and irrigation engineers and technicians assigned to the Labour-based Public Works Programme in Cambodia. Course programme included topics such as project planning, management and supervision, labour-based roads works technology, appropriate choice and use of equipment, and labour issues.
  Evaluation of the Feeder Roads Programme in Mozambique (April 1994). ILO consultant in a four-member mission carrying out a mid-term review of the labour-based Feeder Roads Programme in Mozambique.
Evaluation of the Improvement and Implementation Capability of the Thana Infrastructure Programme in Bangladesh (October 1993). Team member in a three person mission evaluating the impact and performance of this project and providing recommendations for a follow-up project on rural accessibility planning at district level.
Labour-based Road Technology Seminar - A Review of Current Practice (Harare, Zimbabwe, September 1993). Participated in the preparation and implementation of a regional seminar in Zimbabwe for labour-based road project experts and government officials from Sub-Saharan Africa, and finally prepared the report of the seminar proceedings.
Development of Small Scale Labour-based Road Rehabilitation Contractors in Sierra Leone (January 1993). Leader of a two member mission to formulate and design a World Bank financed, US$ 6 million, project for the rehabilitation of feeder roads involving domestic small-scale contractors, using labour-based work methods. Project proposal describing training programme, contracts management procedures, involvement of local banks, work programme for construction works, equipment requirements, budget estimates, job descriptions for local and international staff, etc.
  Evaluation cum Appraisal of WFP Assisted Rural Access Road Development and Employment Creation Programme in Lesotho (April 1993). Mission team member responsible for technical aspects related to the road construction and maintenance works. Provided the technical assessment of the current programme and prepared an outline for a follow-up programme detailing training requirements, construction and maintenance work programmes, employment conditions, tools and equipment, etc.
Labour-based Road Technology Seminar - A Review of Current Practice (Mohales Hoek, Lesotho, March 1992). Participated in the preparation and implementation of a regional seminar for labour-based road project experts and government officials from Sub-Saharan Africa, and finally prepared the report of the seminar proceedings.
Evaluation of the Monitoring System of the Special Publics Works Programme in Tanzania (May 1991). Reviewing and further developing the monitoring and evaluation system for this programme using a combination of manual and computerised methods.
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